new blog!

I’ve been toying with the idea of a cat related blog for a while (I’ve owned this domain for more than a year!). I’ve finally been motivated to make that happen because I get quite a few good questions on twitter about Gus and Tycho’s backgrounds, their favorite toys, vet care, food, etc., and sometimes the twitter format is just too short! So I figured I would have some fun and start writing posts about my experiences with cats and how I got them (both my current pair and the cats I grew up with) interspersed with posts about cat care, advice for new and prospective cat parents, favorite product/pet service recommendations, etc.

We shall see where this takes us and if any of you out there find it useful or interesting! This first post serves as a sort of mission statement, and the next one will introduce the current @KatsKitties! I’m going to aim for twice weekly blog posts for now (although this post will be simultaneous with the one introducing Gus and Tycho!).

Tycho and Gus enjoying time in their catio

I’m currently allowing open comments on these posts. I reserve the right to delete any comments I deem inappropriate or to enable comment moderation at any time. I really hope to have good questions and discussions in the comments!